Why Take Out Processed Sugar?

For a long time I had lower back pain which was part of normal life. Even to the point that after years of little improvements with the help of a great Pilates instructor, I still couldn’t dance through a friends wedding. So I decided it was time to up the game a bit. And recently, I’ve upped it even more. That level of activity requires a certain type of fuelling to keep pushing up. So to increase the training, I changed the food – without losing the oh so important chocolate brownies! I have nothing against sugar, but when I started reducing the level in cakes and cookies, importantly, no one complained. No one said it wasn’t sweet enough. In fact, all my taste testers liked the recipes. The other flavours come out. That’s not to say I don’t use dates and peaches to get sweetener. And honey. I’m just trying to keep it to a minimum because sweet flavours can come from other ingredients – coconut flour, coconut oil, hazelnuts, fruit (and that includes the dietary fibre and other nutrients that come with them). I use 100% cocoa to avoid that added sugar and vanilla powder instead of paste and essence to get just vanilla flavour. The recipes taste good – okay, most of the time, they taste good. Flops do happen as I learn to combine flours and flavours. And my fuelling keeps going for my training.