Why Not Just Follow the Recipe?

Why not just follow the recipes of the professionals? They know know what they’re doing. Why lower the sugar? Why go gluten-free? Why be concerned about carbohydrate counts?

The answer to all of that is, I like baking for people. I love the process, even when I make a terrible flop and a mess of the kitchen that I then have to spend ages cleaning. And, over the last few years, people in my life have been diagnosed as Diabetic, which means watching sugar and carbohydrates. Also celiacs, hence the gluten-free and some who can’t have diary. There are also coconut and nut allergies in there. While I keep coconut and nuts – there’s a limit – I do have nut free and coconut free recipes. It means I can still bake treats without any bad reactions following. As long I remember who is allergic to what!