Summer Off

I’m going offline for a few months. While I enjoy getting new recipes and pictures up, I’ve decided to take the summer to play in the kitchen. I’ll be back in winter with all those experiments made into new recipes and pictures ready to share. Thanks for reading so far and hope you’ll stay subscribed for when I’m back.


My Quiet Saturday

My quiet Saturday morning – granola bites and banana muffins mocha desserts and ice cream in the freezer and kiwis drying in the oven – and I wonder where my Saturdays go? 😆

Knife Skills (the cooking kind!)

My knives have seen sharper days. As it happens, as I was thinking about new ones, I ran across the Knife Skills Course by Sophie’s Cookery School and took it. Instead of new knives, I’ve got a knife sharpener on order. And my fingers are infinitely safer – as is my food from inadvertent blood. Cookery classes can be such fun and Sophie’s Cookery School does make it interactive and fun.

No small knives for us either!

Knife Skills Course

Giving up Sugar? Where is your line?

I couldn’t give up sugar entirely but I’ve certainly got a better handle on it lately. I stay away from processed white sugar and everything I make as a new recipe has the sugar cut down to the unbearable before returning it up. Also sweet doesn’t have to be sugar. Coconut, roasted cashews with some vanilla, strawberry rooibos tea. They are all sweet as well, have carbs and natural sugars. So do we give them up as well? These are the questions I started to ask myself as I read this article:

I’m going to keep my sugars and sweetness – at a lower level and as natural as possible. What is your sweetness line?

Cinnamon Bun Cheat

Cheat Cinnamon BunWith the darkening days, I always get this cinnamon bun craving . Mainly it’s the cinnamon. It’s an autumn and winter flavour for me. Warm and fiery with sweet undertones. Now I haven’t managed a proper cinnamon bun gluten and dairy free yet but I found a cheat – buy a brioche bun (gluten and dairy free) slice into three and sprinkle cinnamon on each side. Put a little honey or agave nectar in between the slices and into the microwave for 20 seconds. Bang – a cheat cinnamon bun. But watch out, it’s not low carb!