Batch Cooking – Tefal Tips

I found the Tefal blog recently with some interesting posts. I have pretty much vowed off cooking during the week (except during vacations) so batch cooking is definitely for me. The benefits outweigh the chopping required and the food processor is a wonder!


Dove’s Flour Tips for Gluten Free

I was looking for Quinoa flour and landed up on the Dove’s Farm website where they have gluten free baking tips. They are interesting for beginners, and some experienced gluten free bakers as well. I’ve never done a good pastry, so I’m looking at their pastry tips carefully before trying some Cornish pasties maybe…

New Start

Chocolate Covered Nuts

Chocolate Covered Nuts © Whisked Lemon 2016

Second chance, second name and time to get it better. I’m learning all sorts of new things about blogging, food and photography. It’s a rush. I plan to start small and slow and build up. Feedback to improve is welcomed. Here’s to food, to pictures of the delicious and the disasters, to recipes and to enjoying cooking. Won’t you join me?