Leaping To No Recipe

No Recipe Carrot Cake

The personal trainer I go to likes to challenge me. Eventually I get the point to move forward. So a while back I took a leap I never would have a year or two back.

As much as I’ve baked, there has always been a recipe. Some lost to twenty or thirty revisions but always sitting there for me to refer to. Then I did tried with no recipe at all, just an idea of what I wanted. And, of course, a history of cake making behind me. The texture didn’t come out right, but the taste wasn’t bad. The whole thing could use some improvement but the idea is sound. So is the basic recipe. Improvement will follow. It’s also time to leap a bit more, be a little less beholden to traditional recipes. This has given me the confidence to try my own recipes instead of using someone else’s as a base. Which led me to developing my own recipe book (still in development!).

My taste testers have been on alert ever since!


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